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Meet Peter B. Baird His Mission to Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry to Benefit You!

Meet Peter B. BairdHis Mission to Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry to Benefit You!

Peter B. Baird
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    For over 30 years, Peter B. Baird has been one of the most respected names in the highly competitive Northern California real estate market. Now he’s on a new mission: He wants to change the industry.

    Peter is passionately and singularly focused on serving the real estate consumer’s best interest and believes the traditional brokerage model no longer does so. By holding on to the long outdated 5-6% commission model, he feels the industry underestimates the real estate consumer’s intelligence and frankly taken advantage of them by not offering alternative models for Sellers and Buyers one of life’s most important transactions.

    ”Advancing technologies empower consumers to be much more active participants in the real estate process. But Sellers and Buyers are doing more and more while the real estate agents do less, the consumers are receiving less value.”

    To solve this consumer pain point, Peter founded Sell & Buy Smart to shatter the traditional “Broker/Agent Centric” paradigm and replace it with a new “Consumer Centric” model. Peter’s vision about creating massive value to best serve his client’s interest is what separates him from his peers.

    “Whether it’s a new job, a new family member, or retirement, a real estate transaction typically occurs around a significant life event. All real estate agents help people manage these events but what makes us very different is that a stronger common interest partnership is developed from the trust created by our significant monetary contribution to our clients.”

    Peter and his wife Chris are proud parents of Daniel and Hannah. When he isn’t making a difference in people’s lives by helping them fulfill the American dream, he’s actively involved with his community and is a huge supporter of several charities that focus on helping U.S. Veterans, specifically East Bay Stand Down, where he has served as the Director of Entertainment. The East Bay Stand Down is a four-day event to empower at risk military veterans with services including medical care, job placement, education and legal aid. Peter is also a leading proponent of the Heroes Empowerment Program where together with like-minded lender affiliates, significant credits are given to not only Veterans but community heroes, including law enforcement, firefighters, first responders and teachers.

    Professionally or personally, Peter’s passion for empowering people is evidenced by is high purpose drive to give back. “Professionally, I am committed to providing my clients with unparalleled value and an experience that creates the trust and respect for wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime. Personally, with each human interaction, I want to leave to leave that person feeling better about themselves and with a giant smile on their face.”

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