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Protect Your Hard-Earned Home Equity With the Only Real Estate Group that Invests Their Commissions so You Net the Most Profit Possible

Protect Your Hard-Earned Home EquityWith the Only Real Estate Group that Invests Their Commissions so You Net the Most Profit Possible

Helping Your Family Build a More Secure Financial Future

You’ve been remarkably disciplined and worked hard to save for your down payment and make all your payments on time. Now you’ve accomplished the American Dream of purchasing your own home. You can’t believe it has been a full year when “life happens” and you need to sell. You price it right for a quick sale but even with multiple offers all above your asking price, you’re disappointed when you receive your closing statement discovering that, because of the real estate commissions, your net Seller proceeds are almost identical to the amount you put down a year ago. You ask “is that fair?”. Sell & Buy Smart doesn’t think so.

According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s House Price Index, the National average of annual appreciation for single family homes is a robust 5-6%. Interestingly that is also the average real estate commission traditional brokerages charge to sell a home in America. To place this amount of money in its true and proper perspective, Sell & Buy Smart asks two more critical questions that traditional brokerages never want you to:

  • What percentage of your home equity do traditional real estate commissions represent?
  • What percentage of your net worth do traditional real estate commissions represent?

While the answers to the above are entirely unique, what is true for the vast majority of Americans is that home equity is the single largest component of net worth and ultimately to financial security.

According to recent Retirement Confidence Surveys, most people are completely under-prepared for retirement, as 90% of retiree’s have less than $50,000 in liquid savings. Sell & Buy Smart is the only real estate brokerage in America whose core purpose is to provide an uncompromising full real estate brokerage while protecting your home equity. Simply stated – Sell & Buy Smart empowers real estate consumers to make smart decisions with their most important asset, home equity.

Peace of Mind from Knowing Someone is Working Hard to Protect Your Home Equity!

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