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1% Buyer Credit Buy Smart Program

1% Buyer CreditBuy Smart Program

How Much Will Buy Smart Save You?
Buy Smart Savings
Purchase Price
Select Your Commission Rate:
Buyer’s AgentTotal Commissions
With Traditional Agents$7,500=$7,500
With Sell & Buy Smart$4,500=$4,500
Buy Smart Savings
1% Buyer Credit Buy Smart Savings of
is Our Investment in You!

*Did you Know? Even though real estate commissions are paid out of Seller proceeds, most Buyers mistakenly believe that they aren’t paying any fee on a transaction like this when in reality they’re paying the fee in the form of a higher purchase price.

Buy Smart Program

  • Receive a One Percent Buyer Credit when buy a home through us.
  • Protect your hard earned money by saving thousands.
  • Significantly increases your purchase power for your new home.
  • Increase your negotiating power over the competition.
Buy Smart Scenario – You did everything right. Got a great job, worked hard to pay off those student loans, your credit score is soaring and you just got pre-approved. Now you’re “expecting” a new family member and just found your dream home. You’re starting to get really excited until you learn about closing costs discovering that all the additional title, escrow and lender fees may be the only thing preventing you from buying that ideal home. Sure lenders can offer “no closing cost loans” but the higher interest rate isn’t worth it. No worries, typically closing costs don’t exceed more than one percent of the purchase price. Allow us to represent you on your next purchase and receive a full One Percent (1%) Buyer credit to use towards the majority, if not all of the closing costs. All Buyers – Get 1% of the home purchase price credited back to you at close of escrow for any home you buy… even if you didn’t sell your home with us!

Making Your World Better!

*This is not a commitment to transact. All transactions, discounted commissions and/or credit amounts are subject to Sell & Buy Smart® management approval, lender guidelines and applicable local, State and Federal laws. Restrictions may apply and not all applicants may qualify. Terms, conditions, listing fees and Buyer credits subject to change without notice. The Sell & Buy Smart® listing fee discounts and Buyer credits include but not be limited to the following: To qualify for the Smart Move-Up Program with a Zero Percent (0%) listing fee, Seller must be repurchasing home of equal value or greater. If the secondary property is of lessor value then consumer will qualify for the Smart Downsize Program with a one percent (1%) listing fee. Second property transaction must be in contract no later than 30 days and must close no later than 90 days after closing of first transaction. For all Sell & Buy Smart® listing fee programs, all Sellers acknowledge their responsibility to pay Buyer’s agent commission as Seller(s) acknowledge this is not included in listing fee programs where Sell & Buy Smart® is representing Seller. To qualify for the Buy Smart Program 1% credit, location of purchased property must serviced by Sell & Buy Smart® brokerage. Credits not available where prohibited by law or lender guidelines. All Buyer credits to be credited to Buyer at closing subject to lender approval and amount of credit cannot exceed specific transaction Buyer closing costs. In event that transaction has Seller credit, Seller credit shall supersede real estate agent credit to be credited toward Buyer closing costs first with Sell & Buy Smart® Buyer Credit secondary. In cases combined Seller and Sell & Buy Smart® credit amounts shall not exceed Buyer closing costs. All Buyer credits shall be credited to Buyer through escrow only and Sell & Buy Smart® shall never be responsible or obligated to credit Buyer any monies outside specific transaction escrow even if agreed credit amount or combined Seller and Sell & Buy Smart® credit amount exceed total Buyer closing costs. Credit amounts may vary based on final recorded purchase price and cooperating brokerage commission. All Seller and Buyer applicants are free to use and close with lender of their choice however without exception must be pre-approved with a Sell & Buy Smart® preferred lender. Sell and Buy Smart® Trademark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office Reg. No. 5,408,739. Sell & Buy Smart® programs are exclusive to Sell & Buy Smart® Inc. of 2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Suite 4318 San Ramon, CA 94583. Sell & Buy Smart® Inc. is licensed under the California Bureau of Real Estate Corporation License #02039537.
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